A Home Energy Audit, also known as a home energy assessment, is the first step in determining how and where your home consumes energy, and what measures can improve your home’s comfort, health, and efficiency.

With a Home Energy Audit, a whole-house approach is key. Rather than focusing on a single item, like an old heating system, or attic insulation, a Home Energy Audit employs a combination of visual inspection and home performance testing to reveal the true picture of energy problems in your home.

Using this whole-house approach, provides a deeper understanding into the drivers of home problems and how measurable improvements can interact to improve your home’s comfort and energy savings.


The audit process starts with a simple interview. This interview will allow your certified energy auditor to understand the concerns you have about your home’s energy problems and review any available utility bills to compare them to similar homes in the area.

After the interview the auditor will assess your home to determine where improvements are needed – inspecting your home inside and out, including the heating and cooling equipment, doors and windows, duct system, appliances, lighting, water heating, insulation and more. Your energy auditor will then perform tests to measure and identify your home’s air leaks. Following the energy assessment, you’ll be given a report prioritizing the recommended improvements for your home.